OUR team

Marija Lindič prof. M.A.


German Certified translator and Court Translator

I am a highly experienced translator and have dedicated my life’s work to building my skill set as a specialised and well-informed translator and interpreter. As well as translating, I have developed an education centre at Euro-lingua.

I am regularly praised for my translation of Slovenian into German which is a tricky translation but a challenge I really enjoy.

I love working with languages and then escaping into nature for a different kind of creativity.

+386 (2) 25 25 333

+386 (31) 753 288


mag. Katarina Vedernjak

Head of Project Management

I have been working at Euro-lingua for more years than I can count now, and I know all our operations in great detail.

As the head of project management for Euro-lingua, I am responsible for ensuring that the translation standard is always at it’s highest possible and that we are working to deadlines.

On top of the work I do with Euro-lingua translations, I am the head of project management for Euro-lingua college, and I take the lead on coordinating all kinds of language course for larger-firms as well as individuals that come to us for coaching. 

+386 (2) 25 25 333

+386 (31) 386 899


Marko Grilanc prof.

Project Manager

I am a full-time translator and interpreter for the Slovenian, German and English language  at Euro-lingua translations. Here, I translate and project manage. I have an academic background in Biology and love the challenge of scientific and medical translations.

I really enjoy a combination of teaching and translating (and graphic designing every now and then) and I am a certified ÖSD examiner for levels A1, A2, B1, B2 and C1 for Euro-lingua college.

+386 (0)2 25 22 366

+386 (0)31 222 824



Anja Motaln, prof.

Project Manager

I am an academic, specialising in the German language and Geography. I also trained as a teacher of both subjects and teaching is a real passion of mine.

I have been working with Euro-lingua college and translations for two years. I started teaching and developed to help with translations in the office. As quite a friendly and welcoming person, I eventually got involved with customer relations.

Now, as a project manager, I cover a lot of tasks at Euro-lingua and am responsible for coordinating all language classes as well as teaching a lot of them and for translating.

+386 (0)2 25 02 605




Alice Shepherd Erlač

Project Coordinator for Translations & Coach for English

I am a Brit with a background in Secondary Education. After teaching in London for five years, I moved to Maribor and have since retrained in text editing and general audio transcription. I am now working on transcreation, post editing, international collaboration and, soon, language coaching at Euro-lingua.

I believe in the value of words as guides for our lives, and I’m really excited to be part of a team that is actively transferring the value of words across languages.



Elisabeth Aspöck

Project Coordinator for Translations & Coach for German

I am an Austrian that has recently moved to Maribor and loving the city. I am working on international collaborations and developing positive working relationships abroad. I also do editing and proofreading work for Euro-lingua.