On May 25, 2018, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will enter into force, based on which you have more rights to privacy, which we also want to respect in our company. EUROLINGUA d.o.o. will handle your data carefully and in accordance with that Regulation.

EUROLINGUA d.o.o. with its registered office at Koroška cesta 9, 2000 Maribor, includes the following personal data of customers:

 Name and surname, address, telephone numbers, fax number, e-mail addresses, birth data, EMŠO, tax number, namely for the purpose of quality translation services.
 Name, e-mail address for the purpose of periodic notification of events, news, current news, offers and invitations to events

The above information for EUROLINGUA d.o.o. exists until revoked. By confirming the order (in writing, by filling in an online form or by e-mail), the parties allow the processing of their personal data and the data of the persons they have indicated for the above-mentioned purpose. We accept no liability for the accuracy of the information provided.

Customers’ personal data is intended for internal use and is not passed on to third parties. If this would be exceptionally necessary (eg for language training), we provide data only to selected partner companies with concluded contracts on order processing in accordance with the Data Protection Regulation or contractual associates with whom we have concluded a cooperation agreement and who have committed to data protection.

You can unsubscribe from receiving notifications at any time or revoke the given consent for the use and processing of data via the e-mail address or on the telephone number 02 250 26 05 or at the address of the company EUROLINGUA d.o.o., Koroška cesta 9, 2000 Maribor.

Each party has the right to request information, corrections, deletion or restriction of data processing under the conditions set by law. Furthermore, any party may lodge a complaint with the data protection authority.


These General Terms and Conditions are an integral part of every contract concluded between EUROLINGUA d.o.o. and the translation clients. The invalidity of individual elements of the GTC does not affect the validity of other provisions. In the event of any inconsistency between the GTC in question and the contract, these provisions shall apply.

Introductory provisions:

These General Terms and Conditions (GTC) apply to all current and future business of EUROLINGUA with our clients, and also apply if EUROLINGUA does not explicitly draw attention to the content of the GTC when taking over orders. Customers accept the GTC by posting it on their websites and by placing an order. GTC are valid throughout the period of realisation of business contacts. EUROLINGUA provides its services or contracts solely on the basis of the GTC in question. EUROLINGUA does not recognise the GTC of subscribers, they are not binding on us, unless EUROLINGUA explicitly and in writing recognises them. Oral agreements are only valid if they are confirmed in writing by EUROLINGUA.

Data protection:

EUROLINGUA treats all orders in strict confidence. In the case of communication between the client, EUROLINGUA and the translator in electronic form, we cannot guarantee 100% confidentiality. In the case of sending translations by post or through the mediation of another registered company for the delivery of postal items, at the time of delivery of the item to the post office or the risk of possible loss, accidental damage or delayed delivery to the customer passes to the delivery company. EUROLINGUA does not assume any liability for damages in excess of the guarantee of the post office or the delivery company.

EUROLINGUA reserves the right to store translations and data on subscribers for administrative purposes and within the meaning of the Data Protection Act, unless otherwise agreed at the request of the client.

Offers, order confirmations and ordering

Our offers are optional and non-binding.

The contract with EUROLINGUA is concluded by taking over the customer’s order electronically, in person, by post or fax, and after submitting the order confirmation by EUROLINGUA. Oral agreements and changes to orders are valid only in writing.

Competition clause:

The contracting parties agree not to employ employees of the other contracting partner or to cooperate with them in any other way within 12 months after the termination of the cooperation.


The published or quoted prices for EUROLINGUA are not binding unless they have been explicitly confirmed in writing. EUROLINGUA may adjust prices to actual and changed circumstances without prior notice. Unless otherwise agreed, all prices are expressed in EUR. The prices stated in the tenders are net prices and do not include value added tax, unless the amount of VAT is specifically stated. The agreed or offer deadlines, without discounts or rebates, except in the case of an explicit (written) agreement.

Translations are calculated on the basis of the number of characters (1 page = 1500 characters without spaces) or words (1 page = 250 words). When calculating the page, we take into account the source text, if we receive it in Word format. If the material was submitted to us in other formats (e.g. PDF, in writing, etc.), we take into account the translated text.

Proofreading, adaptation, material processing, subsequent formatting of texts, input of graphics and images and editing of text, production of proposals for printing or materials in html, etc. we calculate according to the use of time, if a fixed price has not been previously agreed.

The minimum value of the order is 30 EUR + VAT.


Certified translations must be picked up in person or we send them on request upon collection. All other translations are also sent by email, fax or post. Shipping costs and associated risks are borne by the customer. EUROLINGUA is not obliged to store or otherwise handle the materials submitted by the client after the order has been placed. Exceptions are certified translations, copies of which are usually kept for at least three years. Return of materials sent by post is possible only at the request, risk and at the expense of the client.

The EUROLINGUA service is completed by personally delivering the translation to the client, by handing over the translation to the post office, by handing it over to the company for delivery of postal items, by sending it by email or by entering it in the agreed electronic medium (e.g. server, internet).

Delivery times:

Delivery times are only binding if they have been explicitly and in writing confirmed by EUROLINGUA. If no delivery deadline has been agreed between the customer and EUROLINGUA, we will submit the translation within the deadline which enables the flawless execution of the order. Delivery times are defined in working days. The day of the order and the day of delivery are not included in the delivery time.

Higher force:

Insofar as there are obstacles in the form of Force Majeure (for example, internet network failure, other technical disturbances, employee failure due to illness, strike, power outage, traffic jams, etc.) and other circumstances beyond our control that did not arise from EUROLINGUA, and we are therefore hindered in the performance of the services, we immediately inform the customer, excluding the right of the client to terminate the contract or reduce the price. Deadlines start running only after normalcy is restored.

Payment terms or. ownership reservation:

Unless otherwise agreed, EUROLINGUA invoices must be settled immediately upon receipt or without deductions. The Client receives the invoice in person, electronically or by mail. Payment is made by bank transfer, cash or credit or debit card. Other payment methods are possible by arrangement. In certain cases, we charge the service in part or in full in advance. Any corrections do not justify a delay in payment.

Payments from abroad are made free of charge. The client bears all bank charges.

In the case of larger orders, services are charged in partial amounts or partial advances necessary for the execution of the order. We further reserve the right to make the delivery of the translation conditional on the prior payment of the full fee. In the event of non-compliance with the payment terms agreed between the Client and EUROLINGUA, we are entitled to suspend the provision of services until the Client fulfills its obligations. This provision also applies to contracts for which a fixed delivery date has been agreed.

If the client cancels the order without legally or contractually justified reasons, EUROLINGUA will hand over the order executed so far and charge him a partial service. In this case, EUROLINGUA is entitled to compensation in the amount of the loss of profit in the amount of the total value of the order and the claim for any further damage.

In the event of late payment by the client, EUROLINGUA reserves the right to charge bank default interest from the day of delay (invoice date + 7 days) or interest in the amount of 10% above the basic interest rate of the Slovenian National Bank until full repayment. The submitted translation or service remains the property of EUROLINGUA until the full payment of all receivables. The Client is not entitled to compensation with other receivables.

The assignment of rights deriving from the contract between EUROLINGUA and its client is possible only with the written consent of EUROLINGUA.


Copyright and the right to use translations, adaptations of texts, terminological databases and documentation translated by EUROLINGUA remains until the full payment of the invoice on the EUROLINGUA website. Only after full payment of the invoice amount do these rights pass to the customer.

The customer warrants and certifies that the translation of the source material and the published text, distribution, sale and any other use of the ordered translation does not constitute an infringement of patent rights, copyrights, trademark rights or other rights of third parties. The customer guarantees that EUROLINGUA will not be burdened with such claims. EUROLINGUA does not guarantee the suggestions, shipping warnings, processing regulations and the like made available by the client. EUROLINGUA is not obliged to verify the compliance of materials with legal provisions.


EUROLINGUA undertakes to translate the text in a professional and high-quality manner and into the agreed language. EUROLINGUA will take into account the specific professional terminology of the Contracting Authority in its work only if the Contracting Authority submits it in the form of relevant and complete materials, such as TM (Translation Memory), previous translations or glossaries. Otherwise, EUROLINGUA transmits technical terms with ordinary and generally understandable variants. Contacts between the client and the contractor are only possible with the express consent of EUROLIGNUA.

We translate texts and sound recordings. We reserve the right to refuse to translate texts with alleged criminal content and morally questionable material, even after the conclusion of the contract.

If the translation is intended for printing, the contracting authority must provide EUROLINGUA with the text placed before printing. If the client does not specifically state that the translation is intended for printing, or if EUROLINGUA does not submit the submitted text for inspection or the translated text of printing without EUROLINGUA’s permission before printing, they shall be liable for any errors.

EUROLINGUA negotiates separately with the client for the prices of additional services, such as DTP, printing or layout design, and charges separately for these services. The client is responsible in case of errors that would be contained in the translation proposal.

Complaints, troubleshooting and warranty:

The date of sending (date of email, date of receipt of mail) EUROLINGUA or timestamp on email. If the client does not file an objection against the service within 10 days, and the appeal period begins the day after the proven submission of the translation to the client (submission protocol), it is considered accepted and approved. In this case, the client waives all rights, claims and claims that would belong to him due to possible translation deficiencies.

In the event of substantiated objections based on actual, not only insignificant errors, the client is entitled to a correction by EUROLINGUA within 10 days of submission. The customer must state in detail and in writing the deficiencies and justify them. At the same time, the customer and EUROLINGUA must agree in writing on the date of submission of the corrected version.

On this basis, EUROLINGUA will start correcting errors within a certain deadline, provided that it is properly assessed, otherwise within the appropriate deadline. If the first correction of errors is not successful, EUROLINGUA is entitled to correct the translation again on the basis of written and substantiated comments from the client. If the second correction of the translation is also unsuccessful, the client is entitled to a reduction in the agreed price or to withdraw from the contract. In the case of the latter, all rights in the translation pass to EUROLINGUA.

Further rights, regardless of the legal reason, are in principle excluded. In the case of printing a translation, EUROLINGUA assumes responsibility for the consequential damage, insofar as the client sent EUROLINGUA a draft, which was proofread by EUROLINUA before printing. If the client requests the use of his own professional terminology, EUROLINGUA is exempt from the guarantee.

EUROLINGUA does not guarantee urgent orders (orders that must be placed on the same day or the next day or whose volume exceeds 6 translation pages per day). Advertising of typos, punctuation and minor errors is in principle excluded if the translation has been made without additional proofreading.

All warranty, guarantee and indemnity rights are limited to the value of the order. The guarantee for damage that would result from the use of the translation without prior verification of the text by the client is excluded.

We are not responsible for delays or deficiencies in execution that would arise due to unclear, incorrect or incomplete order and due to substantive errors due to a defective original.

EUROLINGUA does not guarantee if, at the time of taking over the contract, it has warned the client that the desired production time does not allow for quality processing of the material in accordance with normal quality standards.

We do not take responsibility for proofreading if the client has not provided us with the original text.


The place for performance of services, jurisdiction for supplies and payments, the rights and legal disputes arising from them is Maribor, although the actual order can be agreed and placed in another location. Slovenian law is valid.

Final Provisions

To the extent that the elements of the GTC in question are or have become ineffective, this does not affect the effectiveness of the remaining provisions.

Updated: 9/1/2019