Court - certified translations

A court-certified translation is made up of the original text and the translation into target language. Both documents are bound and accompanied by the signature and stamp of the court interpreter. This combination ensures the identity of the translation with the original and makes it a legal document.


With each translation, we build a translation memory using state-of-the-art CAT technology.


Stylistically flawless and targeted translation.


Translations of all language combinations can be certified by court.


Digitised processing system and state-of-the-art technology ensure optimal quality of translations and services.


We treat sensitive data consistently according to the GDPR regulation and DIN EN ISO 17100:2016-05.


Translations can be sent by e-mail or delivered to any address, anywhere in Europe.


Each document can also be authenticated, regardless of language combination.


Each translation is additionally proofread, the layout is arranged, and any substantive or stylistic irregularities are corrected.


Digitised processing system and state-of-the-art technology ensure optimal quality of translations and services.


Sensitive data is treated consistently according to the GDPR regulation and DIN EN ISO 17100: 2016-05.


Court-certified translations are performed by sworn translators, who are appointed as permanent court interpreters by the Republic Ministry of Justice.

We work with many court interpreters from English to German languages as well as East and Southeast European countries in combination with Slovene.

Translations into German and Slovene are performed and certified by Marija Lindič, who is a sworn court interpreter for the German language by the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Slovenia, a member of the German Association of Translators (BDÜ, LV Bayern, Universitas Vienna), and a professional translator licensed by the Slovenian Society of Scientific and Technical Translators (DZTPS).

  • Birth certificate
  • Wedding certificate
  • Certificate of single status
  • Divorce documentation
  • Registration / deregistration of permanent / temporary residence
  • Passport / identity card
  • Employers’ references
  • Driving license
  • Diplomas and certificates of final examinations
  • Graduation certificates
  • Certificate of impunity
  • Statements from giro accounts
  • Accounts
  • Contracts (employment, rental, sales, etc.)
  • Powers
  • Medical reports
  • Legal documentation
  • Extracts from the court register
  • Police reports
  • Expert opinions
  • Court-certified transcripts
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As a general rule, official documents must be submitted in the form of certified translations by a sworn court interpreter for the language combination in question. A court-certified document differs from a regular translation because of this.

The header and footer are also translated. Remarks and omissions must be justified and clearly marked. Any logos, coats of arms, signatures and stamps must be indicated in the translation. In doing so, the original form must be preserved so that the translation can be compared with the original.

At the end of the translation, the court interpreter confirms the correctness and completeness of the translation, signs and adds their stamp. The translation is then merged with a copy of the original document.

Court-certified translations of all EU languages ​​into Slovene and some combinations of foreign languages, e.g. Croatian-German, German-Serbian or English-German.

Court interpreters are specially trained translators who have been authorised by the Ministry of Justice to perform this function in general administrative procedures in accordance with the provisions of the Courts Act. They must meet various conditions set out in the Courts Act. Prior to their certification, court interpreters must pass a special exam organised by the Ministry of Justice, to test their proficiency in their native language, a foreign language, and law. They must then take an oath before they can start working as a court interpreter.

A court-certified translation is required to present an authentic document to administrative authorities, offices, educational organisations or a prospective employer.

Judicial certifications of a Slovenian court interpreter are recognised in all EU countries in accordance with the Regulation of the European Parliament and of the Council of 6 July 2016. Translations made by authorised persons in an EU member state,  are accepted in all other member states of the European Union.

Countries outside the EU may have their own rules, so in this case you should ask for a consultation about the recognition of a translation certified in Slovenia.

A copy of the document that you send us by e-mail as an image or scan is sufficient. For imaging, we recommend using the Office Lens app (available for iOS and Android), which allows you to accurately scan a document and automatically convert it to PDF.

The original document is not required because the court interpreter confirms the identity of the document in a foreign language, but not its authenticity.

Certification of documents and copies of documents is possible at the administrative unit, at a notary or in court.

If you want to use the document you are having court translated abroad, it must be certified with an apostille stamp and this must be done before translation.

An apostille is a confirmation of the authenticity of the document (signature, function of the signatory of the document, stamp / seal on the document). It is performed by the competent authority of the country of origin of the document, ie. the District Court and the Department of Justice.


We manage translation memories and create a glossary of technical terms for your individual professional field.

Translation memory is exclusively for your company and covers all terminology translated and confirmed by you. These are supplemented with each new order making our translation turnaround faster, and saving you money.

This means considerable benefits for you. If you use the same words, phrases or complete sentences regularly, our technology identifies that, and makes sure the translation is identical in every document we create for you. Not only does this benefit you financially, but it ensures accuracy and consistency in all your content.

With the help of state-of-the-art translation management systems and the latest technical equipment, we translate extensive materials in the shortest possible time.

Our work takes place in a secure environment, where your data is completely protected from access by unauthorised persons and always renewable in the event of any failure.

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