EURO-lingua has been with you for more than 25 years


A digitised processing system and state-of-the-art technology ensure optimum quality of translations and services.


Sensitive data is treated strictly according to the GDPR regulation and DIN EN ISO 17100:2016-05.


With every translation, we build translation memory using state-of-the-art CAT technology.


EURO-LINGUA has established itself as a professional translation agency providing professional and reliable services and as a language school, which is the only accredited examination centre in Slovenia for the internationally recognised ÖSD (Osterreichisches Sprachdiplom) certificates in German. The Centre also focuses on specialised language programmes in companies and mainly individual language training.

We see our mission as supporting entry, communication and business abroad and in Slovenia, preparing for study and work abroad, and educating specific staff to work effectively in companies. We break down language barriers and bring speakers of different languages closer together, and support companies and individuals in presenting their services and products in a high-quality way, by tailoring content to the target audience using live language.

EURO-LINGUA.translations aims to maintain and upgrade its high quality services, to maintain and expand its name as a synonym for a reliable and specialised partner in the field of translation and education, further distinguished by its speed and helpfulness.
We achieve these goals through our presence on the international market, through the continuous development of innovative products, the introduction of effective tools and through training to support our clients in speaking, communicating and doing business abroad and in Slovenia.




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Marija Lindič, Prof. M.A. is a court interpreter for Slovenian and German with 25 years of experience.
It translates legal, medical and marketing texts. She is regularly trained, which adds value and professionalism to her translations and to the way she runs her business. As Director, she is committed to quality and innovation. She is a member of several Slovenian professional associations (DZTPS, SCIT and the Slovenian Lecturers’ Association), the German Translators’ Association BDU and the Austrian professional association Universitas.



+386 (0)31 222 824


Marko is not only an expert in his field of study, but also an excellent project manager, a good knowledge of the Trados translation tool and other translation software.
As translation manager, he is the coordinator between clients and contractors. He is a friendly colleague and always respectful of our external suppliers and popular with our customers. Marko speaks German, English and the languages of the former Yugoslavia (Croatian, Serbian, Bosnian). He is responsible for the processing of certified translations and is a certified examiner for the internationally valid OSD (Osterreichisches Sprachdiplom) examinations.



+386 (0) 31 386 899


Katarina is the Language Centre Manager and organises language courses for companies and individuals.
During her career, she has compiled a number of textbooks, including the first textbook for teaching German to pre-school children, followed by many other tools for teaching the language to adults. Today, it focuses on organising individualised and professional programmes. As OSD Centre Manager, she advises candidates on preparing for international examinations and issues support materials for successful entry. For businesses, it produces practical materials covering topics in specific business areas.


Through continuous quality improvement measures, we meet our customers’ expectations professionally and affordably. We prove and convince ourselves with reliability, fast response times and a friendly attitude.

Euro-lingua guarantees the flawlessness of professional translations based on the international quality standard DIN EN ISO 17100:2016-05 and the standard for text editing in machine translation DIN ISO 18587:2017.

Years of experience, continuous training and the latest technology have founded the reputation of a trustworthy and reliable business partner that has been operating on the Slovenian and foreign markets for more than 30 years.

Quality – price ratio

It is well known that price alone does not tell us anything about the quality of a translation, even though it is the main criterion for many. In practice, however, low-cost providers are too low in proportion to low-quality providers. The most beautifully designed material will not enhance the reputation of the provider if the translation is not at the level of a natural speaker and fully adapted to the target group. Legal or medical material, on the other hand, requires accurate and consistent translation, with strict adherence to professional terminology.

To achieve and maintain a high level of quality in our services, we have an internal quality management system that operates in accordance with certified procedures. Quality assurance (QA) accounts on average for around 20% of the total cost of translation. At final inspection:

  • checking the completeness of the translation and comparing it with the original
  • checking the correct use of technical terms
  • spelling and grammar mistakes are checked
  • checking numerical references and names
  • if desired, we can create the translation as original


  • DIN EN ISO 17100:2016-05, Reg. No 7U273
  • DIN ISO 18587:2017 – Standard for text editing in machine translation (MTPE)
  • SIST ISO 20228 – Legal Interpretation