Certified translations

Sworn translators

Certified translations are translations produced and certified by a certified interpreter for a specific language. Each court interpreter appointed by the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Slovenia is identified by a special photo ID and has a stamp made in accordance with the Rules on Court Interpreters.

A court interpreter is a sworn translator who must fulfil specific conditions and have certain qualifications. Court interpreters are obliged to undertake regular linguistic and professional training. They must regularly submit evidence of their training to the Ministry of Justice.

Eurolingue’s Director, Marija Lindic, is a certified interpreter for German and a member of several Slovenian professional associations, and as a native German speaker she is a member of the German Translators’ Association BDÜ and the Austrian Translators’ Association Universitas. Eurolingua produces certified translations in all European languages in combination with Slovenian and also from foreign to foreign languages.


A digitised processing system and state-of-the-art technology ensure optimum quality of translations and services.


Sensitive data is treated strictly according to the GDPR regulation and DIN EN ISO 17100:2016-05.


With every translation, we build translation memory using state-of-the-art CAT technology.


We control and monitor the translation process, checking for proper workflow and a flawless product, so we are confident that we meet the highest standards in the field of legal translation.



    The court interpreter certifies that the content of the document in the source language is identical to the content of the target language. The court interpreter does not verify the truth of the contents of the document. The authenticity of the contents of the document is certified by a notary, administrative unit or court (apostile).

    If you need a certified translation of the certificate, you won’t hand over the original, but will photocopy it. If you hand over the original, it would have to be punched and bound with the translation and would be destroyed. However, to ensure that the photocopy is a true copy of the original and that the content is authentic and true, it must be certified before translation, either by an administrative authority, a notary or a court. A court-certified copy of the original is called an apostile. The certified translation must also include this text – the authentication or apostille.



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