Language courses for business

Language courses for business

Today, professional foreign language skills are crucial for effective performance in foreign markets and for the success of a company. To this end, Euro-lingua runs specialised courses tailored to each company and its employees. Below we will present a practical example of how we have done this at Ledinek d.o.o..

1. How does the Business Programme work?

Delivered ONLINE(ONE-ON-ONE or in groups) using materials tailored to your needs and the needs of your employees. ONLINE training has proven to be an excellent means of delivering knowledge to individuals with busy schedules working in the field or from home. Courses are available online to participants anywhere, anytime. In addition, the meetings are recorded and made available privately to participants who were unable to attend for up to 4 months after the course. This gives everyone the opportunity to learn and catch up on what they have missed.

2. Who is the training for?

Whether it’s the sales department, service technicians or installers in the field, or making contact with potential foreign customers: we listen to you and your employees and, based on your specific needs and preferences, we design an INDIVIDUAL GUIDE at the appropriate level, with useful structures and vocabulary to carry out your daily tasks and assignments. You will receive this material in both physical and online formats, so it is a useful tool even after the course is over.

The modular programmes are taught by experienced German language teachers and native speakers.

2. A practical example

We have prepared such individually tailored materials for various Slovenian and foreign companies, including Ledinek d.o.o. which has grown from a family business into a manufacturer of unique woodworking machines and lines. Today, it is present on every continent of the global market with its innovative and durable products.

Last year, around 60 Ledinek employees were trained by Euro-ling-i. Participants are grouped in small groups on the basis of work assignments or areas of work within the company and by background.

We have prepared specific materials for each group , containing the content they need for their work in the field or in the office. As the employees spend a lot of time in the field, especially abroad, the timing of the course was fully adapted to their availability and the courses were also offered in a condensed format, with several lessons per day, thus allowing them to attend as many German lessons as possible.


A1/A2 level design, installation and repair team:

have acquired all the vocabulary they need to communicate in an assembly company, as well as vocabulary related to health and safety at work and useful phrases to facilitate communication in accommodation. They also reinforced the technical terminology related to their jobs (tools, woodworking machines, wood properties and characteristics).

B1/B2 level project managers:

have acquired a complete knowledge of business meeting management and project interviews. All the necessary vocabulary for proper correspondence and telephone communication with foreign business partners, as well as for the preparation of quotations, order processing, and the resolution of complaints and grievances.

We welcome the positive feedback from our business partners, which we are happy to share with you:

“Their flexibility, and above all their genuine desire to develop the content and format of foreign language courses in a way that makes the learning experience as effective, useful and beneficial as possible for our colleagues, makes our collaboration with Euro-lingua really good and above all extremely productive. Given our working dynamics, only content-oriented courses that allow candidates to quickly put what they have learnt into practice, and thus keep their motivation to learn high, are suitable.”

Polona Sernc, Ledinek Engineering

Mag. Katarina Vedernjak

Language Centre Manager

Tel: +386 (31) 386 899


This article was written by Mag. Katarina Vedernjak, official examiner for all levels of the ÖSD examinations, who, as head of the language centre, is responsible for the organisation, delivery and content of the language courses.

Katarina has been teaching German for her entire career, initially to children and young people, and for the last 10 years primarily to adults in companies.

In recent years, she has been working mainly on specialised language programmes, which aim to introduce adults to language, especially from a practical point of view.

She also acts as a key account manager and is responsible for new business development.

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