Proofreading, editing, revision, transcription, MPTE (hybrid translation), DTP (desktop-publishing)

Proofreading and revision

Proofreading, editing and revision

Proofreading is a monolingual process in which the proofreader reads and corrects only the target language text. The teacher corrects grammatical errors, improves the style and quality of the language. In accordance with the quality standard DIN EN ISO 17100, the proofreading is already included in the translation price. The cost of proofreading ranges from 15% to 50% of the price of the translation, depending on the complexity of the text, the volume and the deadline for submission.

It is possible to proofread both source and target language texts, but it is important that the proofreading is always done by a native speaker who adds value to your text.

We offer a special student discount for proofreading bachelor’s, master’s and master’s theses!

MTPE – Hybrid Translations

MTPE (Machine Translation Post Editing) is a process where an experienced translator corrects a machine translation. MTPE is suitable if you are in a hurry and/or want cheaper translations in less time.

Some texts are more suitable for MTPE than technical or legal texts. Marketing materials, presentations or websites are not the most suitable for this translation process.

Compared to English and other languages with a large number of speakers, Slovenian is still a bit of a developing language, but with the expertise of a good translator it is possible to produce a quality product at a good price.

DTP (Desktop-Publishing) – A translation that is formatted like the original

We work with the latest technology and translation equipment, so we can simultaneously translate and design texts that look like the original. This is the latest graphic design for translated texts, which retain their original form during the translation process. We don’t just translate the text, we also format the material.


Transcription (speech recording)

Companies or institutions involve individuals who speak different languages. To ensure that communication is smooth and that information is accurately conveyed to all stakeholders, it is important to create minutes in a language such as the proceedings of meetings, conferences or other business meetings. The purpose of transcription is to translate auditory speech into written speech. On this basis, it is then possible to create a written product that corresponds to the speech and, if necessary, translate it into several languages.



Subtitling is most familiar from television, where the spoken text is recorded in sequences to give the reader time to read the text. When translating spoken language, we take into account the voices, intonation and accents of the original speech. The main aim of subtitling is therefore to convey meaning.

Transcreation = Translation & Creation

Transcreation is a form of translation that is very close to copywriting and is particularly relevant for promotional texts: websites, catalogues and brochures, leaflets and flyers, in order to adapt them to the target culture. What does this mean in practice?
Advertising text needs to attract and persuade consumers, so it needs to anticipate their buying behaviour in advance. Transcreation is about making all the adjustments necessary to ensure that a campaign succeeds in the target market while remaining true to its purpose, for example, an advertising campaign. The brand is at the centre, so that it is presented in the way you want.

Interpreting and court interpreting

Interpreting is the process of transmitting spoken language between speakers of different languages. Interpretation can be simultaneous (=simultaneous) or consecutive (=consecutive).

Simultaneous tomotomisation
The interpreter transfers the message into the target language while the source speaker is speaking. They are usually in a soundproof booth and speak into a microphone while they can see and hear the speaker. The transmission is via headphones to the listeners.

Consecutive interpretation
The interpreter speaks according to the speech of the speaker of the source language, so that the speech is divided into segments. The interpreter listens to the speaker and takes notes on the key points of the message. It then transfers part of the message into the target language.

Court interpretation
A court interpreter has specialist language skills and can interpret in court and similar proceedings, or. translates documents Court interpreters have a special status under Slovenian law.
Court interpreters are persons appointed for an unlimited period of time to translate the spoken or written word at the request of a court, a public authority or a natural/legal person.

Interested in court translations? – LINK


A digitised processing system and state-of-the-art technology ensure optimum quality of translations and services.


Sensitive data is treated strictly according to the GDPR regulation and DIN EN ISO 17100:2016-05.


With every translation, we build translation memory using state-of-the-art CAT technology.


We control and monitor the translation process, checking for proper workflow and a flawless product, so we are confident that we meet the highest standards in translation.




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